Friday, 23 December 2016

Mars hydro reflector Review

Mars hydro reflector is mainly known for its budget-friendly LED lights. These lights are mainly sold at a lower price compared to those of its competitors. Many people prefer to use this light in their green houses since people are looking for a product that will at least cut their cost and do their works effectively. It has a reflector panel that are unique and it has a finish that looks like a mirror that helps to mix the emitted light and reflect it in a proper way. This light has been tested, and their performance has been reported to be great.

The first thing that you notice when you touch the box of the light is its weight. The weighs fairly, and this will make many people minds go to ease. In many cases when you get a heavy product there is a probability that it is sturdier. The Mars hydro is a good deal for it comes with the least everything that is needed by a plant. The instructions are given, but it is also very easy to connect it without them. All you require is to have a little knowledge of the exact thing that you are doing. You only need first to plug it into the power cord, then attach it to the given hangers and finally plug it into the outlet. The hanger includes for the Mars hydro reflector is well made and there is no need to upgrade them in any way.
The spectrum is the first thing to consider before you make a choice of any LED light. To achieve some successive results to your plants, it is crucial that you have a well balanced and a proper spectrum. Mars hydro reflector has ten bands of lights in white range, 650-660 nm, 620- 630 nm, 450-475 nm, and 430-440nm. It is not possible to see the infrared light with your normal naked eyes. Therefore if you happen to look at the diodes and see as if some of they are not lighting up then, it is probably the 730 nm infrared. This is such a wonderful spectrum, and anyone would want to use them at one time. The reflector series, on the other hand, does not work greatly on blooming, vegging, clones and seedlings. This LED has a rich red range, and this gives a better intermodal spacing during the bloom stretching phase. It is known to be the best lights that try to mimic the summer sun. will must help to find best LED for you.
Some of the LEDs have grown lights that have a single intensity, and this is not a problem at all. However, this might be too much light if you are planning to use it on clones, seedlings, and younger plants. Mars hydro reflector has a switchable mode you can toggle either all the diodes or half the diodes depending on the type of plants that you are growing. On the panel, you shall find two switches that you can flip to get 50 % of the light. Full power is good when used for the bloom phase, and half power is good when used on vegging, clones and seedlings.

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